Keep Your Phone Warm with the Phoozy XP3

This handy phone case will keep your phone warm and safe on your winter adventures.

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Many hikers critically rely on their phones for mapping, capturing media, or staying in touch with the outside world. A smartphone’s Achilles heel, though, is battery life, particularly in extreme temps (above 90°F and below freezing). This handy sleeve combats that. The XP3 ($50) has a radiant barrier, made primarily from the element chromium, that keeps your phone warm and protects it from falls of up to 8 feet. It keeps the battery charged up to four times longer than if it

Phoozy XP3
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were exposed to freezing temperatures, which we appreciated on a winter camping trip in Yellowstone National Park. Rather than dig through our layers to access our phone, we were able to keep it warm and handy the entire time. “In single-digit temps and with miles of blank snow in front of us, accessing my phone was essential for keeping on course,” our gear editor says. “But using the XP3, I only had to charge it once over three days, and never worried about it suddenly dying as we searched for powder to ski and bison bystanders.” Minor ding: He had to remove his regular, relatively slim phone case to make an iPhone XS fit in the medium size (the XP3 also comes in a large version). However, there are few—if any—products that offer this level of protection, so it was a small concession. Buy Now