ESPRO Ultralight Travel Press P0

Most versatile kitchen item
Ultralight Travel Press P0


Weight 10 oz


It can be hard to justify ditching instant coffee for a brewing device that takes up space and weight in your pack. But if your coffee maker doubles as a 16-ounce water bottle, then it just might make the packing list. We sipped water from this double-wall insulated stainless bottle (it stayed cold from sun-up to sundown), used it to brew tea in the evening, then used it as a French press for coffee in the morning while camping in Utah’s Capitol Reef National Park. “I like to drink my coffee slowly, and having my brewing system in an insulated bottle with a screw-top cap means I can toss it in my pack to drink on days when we hit the trail early,” our tester says. “It stayed hot for six hours.” The press has two fine mesh filters that trap all sludge, unlike most backcountry French presses we’ve used. And, cleaning is easy: Just remove the grounds or tea leaves (pack them out, of course) and give it a quick rinse.

$45; 9.8 oz.