Editors' Choice Snow 2017: eNZees Foot Soother

Wool is the latest and maybe final solution to a timeless problem.
Price $14.95

We know blisters. During months and miles and mountains of testing—ski boots that aren’t heat-molded, hiking boots straight out of the box, all variety of socks—our feet take a beating. We’ve tried gels, pads, gel pads, bandages, and duct tape (so much duct tape). But our foot-care kits are about to get smaller, thanks to eNZees.

As anyone who’s bled a blister in the backcountry will tell you, prevention is key. That’s where eNZees makes its mark. There’s nothing more to it than sheep’s wool (and its natural dose of lanolin, a healing ointment), but put it on at the first hint of a hot spot and blisters never bloom. Tear off a chunk the size of a cotton ball and place it over the pre-wound, then put your sock back on to hold the dressing in place. That was all cushion we needed to eliminate friction while spring ski touring in unmolded boots. Best part: The wool fibers work their way into your sock, forming a semi-permanent cushion that pads and protects the foot against future rubbing in the same spot.

“There are lots of other blister treatments out there,” says one bad-luck tester, “but few are as simple—or as effective.”

.6 oz (one package, enough for a season); enzeesfootsoother.com