Ellsworth Hike/Pack

Price $22.00


Weight 4 oz


Our take The cushiest sock in our test became a favorite among our Type-A campers who designate a “sleep sock,” and it’s since served us well on shoulder-season and winter pursuits. The thick merino (11mm) of Ellsworth is best for mild and cold adventures in bigger boots, but even when we sweated in it, the unique construction—the fibers are gridded in little V’s—gives moisture a natural path to escape. Caveat: Wicking is pretty good for a midweight sock, but if you’re prone to sweaty feet or looking for a warm-weather sock, check out the Swiftwick (right).

Trail cred “I appreciated the extra cushioning on the heel and ball of the foot when bagging peaks and downclimbing,” says a Colorado-based tester.