Electric Stacker

Most versatile
Price $160.00


Weight 1 oz


Our take You’d be hard-pressed to find a piece of gear in this issue that traveled farther and wider—and through more conditions—than the Stacker. Chalk it up to the shades’ versatility: We appreciated the oversized lenses on the California coast and above treeline on Fourteeners in Colorado, while the removable shield provided safety goggle-like protection when we crossed glaciers in the Alps and trekked through misty Olympic National Park. The shield works kind of like a frosted window, providing a barrier between you and the elements (and glare), but not so much that it blocks out all light. Hidden vents between the lenses and frame facilitate airflow to prevent fogging when the shield is clipped on. Bonus: The frames are made of pliable Grilamid, so they can bend without breaking.

Trail cred “The shield offers enough protection for blocking glare off water or snow and preventing dirt and wind from causing you to tear up if you’re moving fast,” says our Sacramento-based tester. “But when I’m just chilling, I can pop the shield off (it’s one cohesive piece) and have steazy aviators. I use them for everything.”