Editors' Picks with Associate Editor Kristy Holland

This editor like her campsite to be well lit.

[bargain headlamp]
Black Diamond Ion
I wear the Ion like a necklace around camp—it’s that unobtrusive. The bright setting is enough to scout campsites, and the dim one isn’t blinding in a tent. $20; 1 oz.; blackdiamondequipment.com

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[super lighter]
Soto Pocket Torch XT
Don’t be surprised when this thing literally saves my bacon. The lighter-size flamethrower is windproof, refillable, water-resistant, and has an extending head that can ignite my stove from four-plus inches away (so I don’t have to stick my hand under a hot, unsteady pot if my stove blows out). $25; 1.9 oz.; sotooutdoors.com