Editors' Choice 2014: HalfPops - Backpacker

Editors' Choice 2014: HalfPops

Sorry trail mix, our snack bag is full.
Price $1.50


Weight 2 oz


When BACKPACKER staffers start swiping snacks from each other, we know we’re onto something. Halfpops—seasoned nuggets of partially popped corn kernels—earned glowing praise from our crew. “Utterly addictive!” “Like corn nuts, but more flavorful and easier on the teeth.” “The salty,savory flavors were exactly what I craved on hot days.” Halfpops are gluten-free, a decent source of fiber (3 grams per serving), and the ingredients list is short, sweet, and natural. The only hang-up? We couldn’t decide which flavor we love more: Aged White Cheddar or Natural Butter & Pure Ocean Sea Salt. Bonus: Halfpops are rugged enough for the trail, unlike many other salty snacks like chips and pretzels. $1.50; 2 oz.; halfpops.com