Editors' Choice 2013: Adventure Appetites Reindeer Gouda Scramble Wrap

This breakfast is so good, you'll forget it's camp food.

After a few days afield, sodium-packed meals with bland textures can curb appetites and curtail a hiker’s much-needed calorie intake. That’s when a fresh-tasting meal like this egg, cheese, and reindeer sausage breakfast wrap shines. “The cheesiness and the peppery meat elevated this meal to one of the best on-trail breakfasts I’ve ever eaten,” says one tester. Food this good isn’t instant: Prep requires 20 minutes and a couple of bowls for rehydrating hash browns and eggs. Chop the vacuum-sealed sausage (Alaska made, it’s tangy and chewy) and Gouda cheese (creamy and smoky), and heat the meat alongside the eggs before melting the cheese atop a pile centered on an included 8-inch tortilla (tip: BYO extra tortillas, as you’ll likely have filling left over).

“It’s a bit of a production to make, so save this tasty, filling meal for a lazy morning,” suggests one tester who enjoyed the hearty breakfast wrap between double-digit mileage days in Tasmania’s Walls of Jerusalem National Park. Some Adventure Appetites meals, like this one, have semi-fresh ingredients, so they’re not long-term shelf-stable (use it or freeze within two weeks of production); order them immediately pretrip, or freeze them to extend freshness. $15 (2 servings); 10 oz. (mfr. weight); adventureappetites.com