Editors' Choice 2009: Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews

Our favorite new fast snack proves that healthy can be tasty, too. Oh, and it's not a bar.

Okay, so there are energy gels that supply a longer-lasting kick and bars that pack more nutrition, but that doesn't matter if those snacks stay in your pack. In the real world–miles to go, tank on empty–flavor makes the fuel. And these gummi bear-like blobs beat all comers in the taste department. Not too sweet, not too salty, the two flavors burst with slightly tart cherry (Cherry Blossom) and a berry-citrus blend (Fruit Smoothie).

Credit the use of organic honey and tapioca syrup, which supply carbs without the synthetic aftertaste of artificial sweeteners. And try to eat just one. Even editors who normally shun packaged snacks gobbled them up. Bonus: No gooey mess, no dry mouth. We'll stick with bars for meal replacement and gels for fast electrolytes, but as a midmorning boost, these 160-calorie (per pack) treats can't be beat. $1.89 per packet (or $22 for 12); 1.8 oz.; honeystinger.com