Dynafit TLT 7 Performance

Walking is effortless with these futuristic boots.
TLT 7 Performance
Price $849.00


Weight 4 lbs, 6 oz


TouringDynafit essentially wrote the book on lightweight AT boots, so it makes sense that the brand is the first to reconsider the category’s standard shape. Glance at the TLT 7, and you’ll notice right away that there’s no toe welt. Since the toebox is rounded and shorter, Dynafit could set the cuff’s pivot point farther back. The result: more forward ankle articulation (it has 60 degrees total). “Since you roll off the ski, touring feels more natural,” one tester says. “I noticed it right away.” Caveat: You need an adapter ($30) to use automatic crampons.

Downhill performance When we ended up in 3 feet of fresh (yay) with 99mm-underfoot skis (boo) in Crested Butte, we—surprisingly—didn’t have problems charging. We owe it to the rigid Titantex fiber (titanium-infused glass) cuff. Dynafit claims a flex of 115.

Buckles The single cuff buckle controls everything, allowing you to totally open the boot (for entry and exit), lock it down (for skiing), and secure it loosely (for walking). Result: less weight and quicker transitions.

Comfort The TLT 7 is higher volume than past iterations, so it fits more riders, but you might feel like you’re swimming in it if you liked the TLT 5 and 6. 25-30.5