Dynafit Dhauligiri

They can handle all conditions, top to bottom.
Price $700.00


Weight 6 lbs, 4 oz


Stability “It’s hard to find a ski that can take you uphill and hold its own in the resort, but this one does both,” one tester says. Credit the core, which is made of poplar and paulownia, woods that are lightweight (great for going uphill) and damp (better for absorbing vibrations on the downhill). Carbon stringers also keep the Dynafit Dhauligiri stiff.

Versatility “There’d be fluff at the top, then a sunbaked melting pot, then back to light stuff, then suddenly icy in the trees—the whole gamut,” one tester said of a spring tour in Rocky Mountain National Park. “I didn’t lose control or get thrown when conditions changed.” Credit the tips—they’re milled to save weight and have a scoop shape—which make the Dhauligiri more forgiving in rough conditions. The variable turn radius (20 meters to 22 meters) also contributes. 169 (129-98-113), 177 (130-99-114), 183 (131-99-115)