Dynafit Chugach Skis

These skis have the power to handle big mountain lines.
Chugach Skis
Price $800.00


Weight 8 lbs, 8 oz



“The harder you push this ski, the better it gets,” says one tester. That’s because of the full sidewall construction and the combo of wood (ash and poplar) and carbon inlays that make the Chugach stiff. Testers who didn’t push it felt it lacked agility, while more aggressive testers couldn’t get enough. Tradeoff: The skis felt heavy on the uphills.


Because of the long, flat section of ski underfoot (and subtly rockered tip and tail), you get more edge contact when you need it. This gives the Chugach the maneuverability of a serious steep-terrain ski—you can make solid turns to dump speed when things get spicy. As one big mountain rider put it, “It instills confidence.”


The Chugach is at home in most any snow, from mank to sastrugi, and most any terrain, from mellow tours to steeps, but it shines when you put it on edge.