Duofold by Champion Varitherm Baselayer

You get versatile, quick-drying performance for a song.
Varitherm Baselayer
Price $35.00


Overall Rating 4.1 / 5


Weight 8 oz

Wicking This polyester top features a textured interior to boost wicking. One tester soaked it thoroughly enough to give herself a slight chill on a tough uphill snowshoe, but reported it felt comfortable again within a few minutes when she reached the ridge. “The wicking didn’t always keep up with my sweating, but once I stopped, it dried almost immediately,” she says. “I get super-sweaty when I ski the bumps,” says a Colorado tester. “But this dried fast enough—less than five minutes—to prevent the shivers on the long chair rides back up.”

Warmth The lightweight fabric kept testers warm during high-intensity running and skiing down to zero (when worn with a shell), thanks again to the textured inner: The hollow spaces between fibers trap warm air, insulating without adding bulk. It breathes, too. Alone, it comfortably handled workout sessions into the 60s without swamping out.

Fit A snug-yet-stretchy cut (8 percent spandex is mixed in) preserves range of motion, and the hem is long enough to stay tucked. Testers also praised the “silky-smooth” feel and snag-free layering. But the arms on the women’s version felt unusually tight, and the thumbholes were too small for the larger-handed to wear comfortably.

Stink resistance Good for a synthetic—testers got about three wears before laundry day.

$35; 8.2 oz. (m’s L); duofold.com