Dragon Alliance X1

One lens to rule them all.
Price $270.00


Weight 5 oz


Lens “These are the only photochromic lenses I’ve tried that are good for both raging snowstorms and super-bright afternoon light above treeline,” one tester raves. Most photochromic lenses have you covered for medium light on the mountain—anything from kind of cloudy to kind of sunny. But the Dragon Alliance X1s cover the extremes as well. In less than a minute, the lenses transition from pale yellow (76 percent of light can pass through) to a dark amber bordering on black (allowing just 18 percent of light through). It’s the largest range we’ve seen in goggles. Caveat: Tech this good isn’t cheap.

Frames Spherical and frameless; in other words, you get massive field of vision and you kind of look like a bug. (The X1S is a smaller frame option.)