DPS PHANTOM Base Glide Treatment

A new ski treatment could make wax a thing of the past.
PHANTOM Base Glide Treatment
Price $99.00

You may never have to wax your skis again: DPS's new PHANTOM base treatment is a polymer-based compound that chemically reacts with the base of your skis, creating a permanent bond that always has a slick feel on the snow. It sticks around through base grinds and sanding, so there's no need to reapply even after your tune. In a side-by-side test at Loveland Ski Resort, our tester found that Phantom-treated skis kept their glide better than waxed planks over the course of the day. And unlike wax, DPS says that PHANTOM is chemically inert and doesn't wear off and spread fluorocarbons through the environment.

Phantom is available for $90 through its Kickstarter page through the end of November, and will retail for $99 when it officially launches in December.