Diamondback Haanjo EXP Carbon

A bike for pedal-powered camping
Haanjo EXP Carbon
Price $2300.00


Weight 22 lbs


Fact is, almost any stout bicycle can be outfitted for bikepacking. But if you want the comfort and capability of a dedicated rig, the Haanjo offers a lightweight platform that can handle most terrain. On Colorado rides that transitioned from pavement to gravel to singletrack, our tester reported the road-style setup made the bike spry and quick. The carbon frame has a relaxed geometry for long-distance comfort—and a lot of space to hang gear. The front fork, also carbon, takes the bite out of washboard. “Fully loaded, the bike still handled well on Forest Service roads,” says one Colorado tester, “and the more upright riding position made my time in the saddle more comfortable.”