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DEET for Dogs?

What bug repellent do you recommend for my pup?


Any ideas on a bug repellent for my dog? She has almost no fur and gets chewed up pretty bad.

Submitted by - Jade, Denver, CO


You have many choices, but the main thing is this: Don't let the doggy suffer—use a repellent. Anything you use on yourself you can use on your dog. Follow the same guidelines with Fido, including the important one of keeping the repellent out of the eyes. Some dog owners report success repelling mosquitoes after spraying their puppy with products containing permethrin. You can even buy repellents marketed especially for dogs. It might slightly interest you to know that I was out the past five days, in the Wind River Range, hiking with friends and llamas. The llama owners rubbed a DEET-based product on their llamas' faces, but not near the eyes, when the skeets got bad.