Deal of the Week: OMEALS Vegetarian Chili

Ditch your stove, not your hot food, with these self-heating meals.
Vegetarian Chili


Weight 8 oz


Going stoveless makes your trips much simpler, but it's hard to resist hot food. OMEALS' self-heating grub bridges that gap with this tasty dinner that don't require you to bring a fuel canister. Simply drop the included chemical heating pouch and the ready-to-eat food pouch into the bag, pour in water, and seal; soon, you'll see steam billowing out of the bag's vent. Shortly after that, you'll be chowing down on a toothsome vegetarian chili mixing corn, peppers, tortilla chips, and four kinds of beans. Downside: Because OMEALS are ready to eat, they're on the heavier side. Buy OMEALS Vegetarian Chili now for $6 (25% off)