currexSole EDGEPRO Insole

Thinner and lighter than most insoles, the EDGEPRO provides support without hogging volume in a ski or hiking boot.
Price $50.00


Weight 2 oz


Customization The EDGEPRO comes in three different styles to suit a range of foot types: By taking a few foot measurements at a currexSole retailer or on the website, you determine whether your arches require low, medium, or high support. “They cradle my heel and arch, but leave plenty of space for my toes,” reports our tester, who used the medium model in her ski-touring boots. “Because of my wide, high-volume feet, I don’t have lots of extra room in my boots for bulky orthotics, but these were thin enough to fit comfortably,” she says.

Support Testers appreciated the stability provided by these insoles, especially when cranking turns. Says one, “My foot slid and shifted around less, and the arch support actually kept my toes from banging against the boot’s edges.”

$50; 2 oz.;