Couples Camping 101: Build a Cozy Lovenest

Comfort for a cozy backcountry couple


Start with a pair of plush, warm pads, like the Big Agnes Insulated Air Core ($80,, which can be mated together with the Big Agnes Sleeping Pad Coupler Strap ($10) to prevent a canyon from forming between you.

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Opt for a pair of Alite’s Sexy Hotness ($149, 3 lbs. 6 oz. each,, a synthetic-filled, 20-degree bag with a creative, toe-to-belly zipper setup that facilitates “access” critical to Valentine’s day fun. (See our full slideshow review of the Sexy Hotness - it's been one of the most popular slideshows on the site.)

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Or go the more traditional route with a big, double cocoon like BA’s 30-degree Big Creek, ($200, 4 lbs. 7 oz.), which allows couple to spoon or separate (or a little of both) thanks to individual hoods, draft tubes and full-length size zips.

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Cocoon’s Air-Core Pillow Ultralight ($25, 3.7 oz., let’s you custom inflate to your desired firmness.

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