Costa Del Mar Sunrise Silver MIRROR Lens

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Del Mar Sunrise Silver MIRROR Lens
Price $189.00

Our take 

In cloudy, overcast, or stormy conditions, we reached for Costas with the new Sunrise Silver Lens. The pale, golden lens has 30 percent visible light transmission—enough to protect our peepers while still providing contrast in low-light conditions. The Sunrise Silver was developed with fishing in mind, but it works great in winter: Just as the polarization blocks surface sheen on water, it dimmed snow glare and helped us pinpoint skiable lines down open aprons in the San Juan Range. Caveat: You’ll fry your eyeballs if you wear these on bluebird days; pack high-light spares.

Trail cred 

“When we were climbing up Colorado’s 13,125-foot Mt. Kennedy in flat light, I could see the rolls and divots on the wide slope well enough to lay an efficient skin track to the top,” our tester says.