Castelli CW.3.1

These cycling-oriented gloves fit as close as a Tour de France jersey.
Price $70.00


Weight 4 oz


Dexterity More than any other in the test, the CW.3.1s are capable of highly technical tasks in cold weather, like ski-binding adjustments and stove fuel-pump repairs. “There was no gapping at the fingertips or bunching in the palms,” raves one picky tester. “I also loved the durable, grippy silicone swirls on the palm.” Durability ding: A different tester developed a hole in a finger after three weeks of hard use during a research expedition in Greenland.

Warmth Thinsulate insulation, a Polartec Power Dry lining, and a proprietary windproof shell make them surprisingly comfortable for vigorous hiking or touring in subzero temps, and just right for 40°F spring and fall nights sitting by the campfire.

Weather Protection While not fully waterproof, the gloves shed all-day snow showers and light rain, and dried out overnight when one tester got them wet. Note: Go up one size for the best fit.
$70; 4 oz.;