Casio WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch

This smartwatch is primed for crushing some trail.
WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch
Price $500.00


Screen Size (diagonal) 0.25


Weight 3 oz

Durability Think of this Casio as an Apple Watch on steroids: It does the same stuff (and is about the same size), but it’s steel and waterproof (you can take it 50 meters deep). “Backpacking or going to work, it’s the only smartwatch I’ve tried that’s truly an ‘everyday watch,’” says one tester.

Features In addition to standard smartwatch functions like texting and emailing, it has a built-in compass, altimeter, and accelerometer—plus hiking, biking, and fishing activity trackers. Gripe: It’s only compatible with Android devices (at press time, there were no plans for an Apple version).

Battery life You get a day and a half with normal use—average for the category, but the small battery means it charges in just two hours.