Casio Pro Trek WSD-F20 Watch Review - Backpacker

Casio Pro Trek WSD-F20

GPS smartwatch
Pro Trek WSD-F20
Price $500.00


Weight 3 oz


Our take Smartwatches can be useful in the backcountry—but not when you lose service. That’s why we love the WSD-F20, which has a full-featured GPS that can store up to 4GB of maps and other data and doesn’t require any bars. Case in point: While prepping for a ski tour in the San Juan Mountains, we loaded the watch with maps of the region. When our route changed in the field, we had the area we needed already on our wrist.

Features The WSD-F20’s battery lasts about two days when checking the GPS intermittently. Caveat: The 1.3-inch-wide touchscreen can be a little finicky when making selections.

Trail cred “I set the watch to alert me to sudden drops in barometric pressure,” says our tester, who wore it in the San Juans. “It warned me when we were about to get weather on a high peak and I told my group to head down.