Camp Coffee Gear: Make the Perfect Cup

4 backcountry brew gadgets even the snobbiest baristas will love.

Ultralight | French Press | Espresso | Frother

Ultralight: MSR MugMate

A coffee cone for campers! Just drop the MSR MugMate into your cup, load it with beans (medium ground), and pour in hot water. What you get: rich flavor. What you don't get: fussy prep or extra stuff. For those reasons, this little unit has long been the preferred brewer of several staff coffee fiends. $17; 1 oz.; (800) 531-9531; service #114

Ultralight | French Press | Espresso | Frother

French Press: Big Sky Bistro

The Big Sky Bistro is an all-in-one press integrated into a 16-ounce insulated mug. For those fond of strong, hot coffee–immediately–this no nonsense design delivers. Caveat: Drink up, as the coffee tends to get bitter if it lingers too long above the compacted grounds. $17; 7.1 oz.; (888) 327-9908; Reader service #115

Ultralight | French Press | Espresso | Frother

Espresso: GSI Mini Expresso

The stainless steel GSI Mini Expresso is an Italian-made godsend for backcountry baristas. Just load it with finely ground espresso beans, set it on your stove to heat, and in minutes you get a 2.5-ounce double shot complete with crema. $35; 8.1 oz. (800) 704-4474; Reader service #116

Ultralight | French Press | Espresso | Frother

Frother: GSI Milk Frother Kit

Nothing says "coffee tweaker" like a fully dressed backcountry cappuccino. And for that, you need the GSI Milk Frother Kit. It looks like a mini French press; just pour in hot or cold milk and quickly plunge up and down until the milk is foamy. Full service: The included mini spice shaker holds ground cinnamon on one side and cocoa on the other. $20; 7.7 oz.; (800) 704-4474; Reader service #117