Buck Selkirk

Most durable knife


Weight 8 oz


Our take If you want a knife that can do a lot more than just whittle, pick up the fixed-blade Selkirk. Its 4.6-inch, full-tang steel blade with a thicker-than-average point excels at heavier tasks. One wildland firefighter praised its weight-to-function ratio after he used it to tear through thickets of alders and thorn bushes. The Selkirk’s plastic-composite handle proved equally durable when we pounded in tent stakes with the butt end, and the grippy material kept our sweaty hands from slipping. Bonus: It includes a tucked-away survival whistle and flint fire starter.

Trail cred “Even though this knife is bombproof, I was able to use it for delicate tasks such as filleting a cutbow trout,” reports our firefighter tester. 7.6 oz.