Brynje Arctic Zip Polo ¾ Neck & Longs

Arctic Zip Polo ¾ Neck & Longs


Weight 1 lb, 10 oz


Our take When we first tried Brynje’s Scandinavian-style baselayers last year, we were hooked: The fishnet design, which uses small holes in the material to trap pockets of air when worn under another layer, kept us warm all winter. This year, designers upped the ante with a solid merino-nylon outer layer stitched to a polypropylene fishnet lining. One tester called the construction “twice as warm as other layers of a similar weight” after using the Arctic Zip on -11°F nights on Denali. Tradeoff: The one-percenter price.

The details The Arctic Zip’s double-layered construction also makes for superb moisture management. Bummer: noticeable odor after just a couple of wears.

Trail cred “The extra-high neck added welcome protection on a 10°F fat biking day in Vermont,” one tester says.

Top: $200; 13 oz.; Bottom: $150 ($130 women’s); 11.6 oz.;

m’s S-XXL, w’s XS-XL;