Brunton Primus FireHole 300

A souped up camp kitchen
Primus FireHole 300
Price $295.00


Fuel Type Canister Only


Weight 18 lbs, 12 oz


Time to upgrade your old green two-burner? Check out this souped-up model, which includes gourmet extras like a built-in utensil case (includes spoon, spatula, and cutting board), an LED hood light, and a battery-operated timer. After a sandy, windy six-day camping trip in southern Utah, our testers praised the precise controls of the two stainless steel, 12,000 BTU burners: “I could bring the milk to a gentle bubble for the kids’ hot chocolate on one side while flash frying onions and garlic on the other,” says one. Hinged windscreens protect the sides of the burner from gusts, or fold down to double as extra counter space. Gripe: Though the whole unit is very durable, the magnets designed to hold up the windscreens failed when winds topped 15 mph. Bottom line: If you want a camp kitchen nearly as good as the one at home and don’t mind paying up, the FireHole will serve you well on car-camping trips for years to come

> Price $295

> Weight 14 lbs. 12 oz.


The FireHole 300 stove takes camp cooking to the next level with innovations like an on-board light, cook timer and recessed control knobs. An integrated fuel line clips to the bottom of the stove so it's never left behind. An included utensil set attaches to the stove lid via magnets and features a cutting board, spatula, spoon, and a unique spring for using the spoon and spatula as a pair of tongs. A battery operated Piezoelectric starter is quick and easy to use while side windscreens can be folded down separately for use as a prep surface. Two burners kicks off 12,000 BTUs each per hour, boiling a liter of water in about 3 minutes. Runs on propane.