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Brooks-Range Mountaineering Equipment Elephant Foot Sleeping bag

It packs down as small as a summer bag and weighs just two pounds
Elephant Foot Sleeping bag
Price $249.00


Fill Power 800
Girth (inches) 60
Weight 1 lb

It packs down as small as a summer bag and weighs just two pounds, so testers greeted this mummy with skepticism: Few dared to take it to its 15°F limit. But the Alpini wowed the ones who did. “I stayed warm at its rating, and would trust it down to 5°F,” reports one tester who used it during a snow-cave campout at 10,000 feet in Colorado’s Park Range.

The Alpini achieves its impressive warmth-to-weight ratio with 850-fill down sandwiched between ultralight, 15-denier Pertex Quantum fabric. Plus, offset baffles stagger the stitching on the outer and inner shell to prevent cold lines on the seams. The draft tube running along the full-length zipper uses two seams instead of one to create a fat U shape that effectively traps heat.

The hood is “snug but not confining, so I warmed up fast without feeling stifled,” reports one tester, and the opening is trimmed with a down-filled tube (instead of an elastic band), which feels softer than elastic and helps further trap warmth.

Durability is excellent; we dragged it over rocks and sharp tundra grass in Iceland’s Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, and the Alpini never snagged or lost a feather.

Bonus: A tiny interior pocket holds lip balm. Caveat: Side-sleepers and big guys found the hyper-efficient cut a bit tight.

$369; 2 lbs.

15°F; reg. and long;
Brooks-Range¡¦s inspiration for the Elephant's Foot Sleeping Bag was derived from the minimalist European alpinist. The concept is quite simple -- a compact, waist high sleeping bag that can be paired with the Mountain Sweater or another well-insulated shell to save valuable weight and bulk while in the field. This is a perfect solution for winter camping or high altitude bivouacs where weight, bulk and space is at a premium. Matching a mummy bag in warmth, the Elephant Foot Sleeping Bag features a unique adjustable suspender and drawcord design to keep the cold air out and to keep the bag from slipping down during the night. The 800+ fill down ensures compressibility and comfort to about 15¢X F depending on the upper component.
„«Measurements: Length: 61"; top width: 30"; bottom width: 18"
„«Breathable, water-resistance fabric, two contrasting colors (interior and exterior)
„«Packed size: 13 cm x 21 cm