Boot Review: Dunham Waffle Stomper Terrastryder-Mid

The Terrastryder-Mid triumphs in the "Best Fit" category for the hard-to-fit group -- just beware of its sogginess factor.

Hard-to-fit hikers have long been neglected when it comes to lightweight trail shoes. No more. The Terrastryder comes in four widths for men and three for women, a boon for the wide- and narrow-footed. In Escalante Canyons, the sticky rubber outsoles gripped well on slick boulders, while the cushioned midsoles warded off stone bruises and prevented long-mileage pounding. The midcut ankles cinch down firmly, yet allow enough lateral flex for smearing on sandstone slabs. One caveat: The waterproof/breathable membrane handled stream crossings well, but eventually soaked through in rain-wet grass. $120