Bluesmiths Kahana Longsleeve Shirt

This UPF 40 polyester crew one-ups other synthetic shirts.
Women's Kahana Longsleeve Shirt
Price $90.00


Quick-dry - Bluesmiths Kahana: This UPF 40 polyester crew one-ups other synthetics with a hydrophobic NanoSphere finish that adheres to fabric fibers (so it can’t be washed off). “Water beads on the surface better than some shells I’ve worn,” says our tester. Yet the breathable jersey-knit kept her from overheating during a 700-foot ascent in a steamy, 80°F Caribbean rainforest. “Even when the fabric eventually wetted out, it dried within five minutes,” she reports. Multiple fabric panels allow full freedom of movement without bagginess. Gripe: Stink sets in after a day or so. $90; 5.5 oz. (w’s S);