BioLite Camp Stove 2

Power source
Camp Stove 2
Price $130.00


Weight 2 lbs, 6 oz


Our take BioLite pioneered turning twigs into electricity, using a fire to both cook your dinner and charge your phone. With this new model, the company added a 2600mAh battery pack so you can store energy while cooking and charge your gadgets later (previously you had to charge while cooking). Max continuous power output was increased from 2 watts to 3 watts for faster charge times—when full the battery provides one to 1.25 phone charges at the same rate as a standard USB power bank). While boil times vary, on average it took us around four and a half minutes to boil a liter of water. Four speeds on the internal fan create a more efficient flame while reducing smoke. Caveats: The stove is heavy for short trips, and of course it requires dry wood.

Trail cred “With constant stoking and the help of the fan, I was able to boil water in times comparable to canister stoves,” said one tester after camping in the Smokies.