BioLite BaseCamp Stove

With this camp stove, paddlers and basecampers can cook over wood while powering their electronics.
BaseCamp Stove
Price $299.00


Weight 18 lbs



Fire up the stove with small pieces of wood and tend the firebox (this is a hands-on operation). By the time you cook and eat dinner and roast s’mores (about 90 minutes), you’ll get a phone’s worth of juice from your hot fire. Devices can charge in real time from a USB cord when the battery’s “smart dashboard” indicates an adequate charge has built up.


The included light runs off the stove’s power and kicks out plenty of lumens for food prep.


With the flame diffuser on, the Basecamp worked perfectly for grilling a dozen-plus sausages. Remove the diffuser for a concentrated furnace for boiling water or roasting marshmallows.


At almost 20 pounds, it’s not for backpacking, but on paddling or car-camp trips you can have an endless supply of power.