Big Sky International Chinook 2P

Get a summer tent and a winter tent for the price of just one.
Price $450.00


Ease of Setup 1 / 5
Weatherproofing 1 / 5
Ventilation 1 / 5
Living Space 1 / 5
Free Standing
Capacity 2
Number of Poles 0


Diameter of Poles (mm) 9
Floor Space (sq ft) 0.5
Length (inches) 0.5
Width (inches) 0.5
Interior Height (inches) 0.5
Vestibule Type standard
Vestibule Front Area (sq ft) 9
Vestibule Back Area (sq ft) 9
Weight 3 lbs, 13 oz

Pitch this two-person tent with two poles for three-season strength, or add the included third pole to make it four-season ready.

Colorado’s St. Mary Glacier is notorious for its high winds, but the Chinook stood strong even in gusts topping 60 mph. Credit the third ridge pole, which bolsters the frame and provides good lateral stiffness. Huge blasts of wind striking the large side (a pitching mistake) temporarily deformed the tent, but it popped right back up. Note: Big Sky offers several pole options; stick with the standard 9 mm aluminum poles. (The optional ultralight poles failed under 6 inches of wet snow.)

Each side door has a 9.2-foot vestibule that stores winter gear without blocking entry or exit.

The poles clip to the fly, which makes for a super-fast, fly-first setup that protects the canopy from precip.

The slick, proprietary SuprSil fabric blocked all rain and snow, but the slipperiness has a drawback: Unless you tie them back during entry and exit, wet doors drape over the canopy, channeling water onto the floor.

$450; 3 lbs. 13 oz. (mfr.);