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Big Agnes Double Stuffed Double Z Air Pad

Big Agnes added 5 ounces of synthetic fill to the Editors’ Choice-winning Double Z sleeping pad, perfect for cold sleepers.
Double Stuffed Double Z Air Pad
Price $150.00


Length (inches) 0.5


Thickness (inches) 0.5


In case the name didn’t give it away, Big Agnes doubled the fill in their regular pad and upped the R-value (material’s ability to resist heat loss) to 5.8 (compared to 1.5 for non-insulated version). “I slept outside with no tent in 19-degree weather, and this was definitely not the weak link in my system,” says one tester who camped in the snow at 8,700 feet. Tradeoff: It packs to 6 by 10 inches thanks to all that extra insulation.


With 4 inches of cushion, this pad exceeds many car camping mats in terms of thickness. “I’m a side sleeper, and I have to inflate normal sleeping pads to their maximum level to avoid digging my shoulder into the ground. With this mat, I could inflate to a much more comfortable level without having my shoulder fall asleep,” says one of our Colorado testers.