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The 10 Best Hiking Boots and Shoes of 2020

Treat your feet with these trail runners, mid-cuts, and a favorite hiking sandal.

Hiking doesn't have to be gear intensive, but there's one piece of kit you absolutely can't ignore: your shoes. Which way you go depends on how you prefer to hike. If you're planning on going light and fast and carrying little, a pair of lightweight trail runners will keep you nimble. If you crave stability or plan on toting a bigger load, go for a pair of mid-cuts. Whichever way you decide to go, there's a great pair of shoes or boots for you below.

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Hiking Boots

Need a little more support, or planning to tackle tough terrain? These five pairs have sturdier soles and higher cuffs for heavy use—but that doesn't mean they'll weigh you down.

Trail Runners and Hiking Shoes

Go lighter and faster with these low-cut models.

Plus: Our Favorite Hiking Sandals


The Chaco Z/1 is the hiking sandal par excellence, which is why we gave it an Editors’ Choice Hall of Fame award in 2018. But there’s no denying that it’s a scale-tipper, which is why the Lowdown is a welcome addition to the Chaco family. $85 Buy Now on REI (Men's and Women's) / Read the Full Review