Bergans of Norway Super Lett Jacket

Super Lett Jacket
Price $249.00



Weight 1 lb

Don’t head out on a hike without waterproof garments! Super Lett is a lightweight jacket with minimal packing volume. It is made from a waterproof, windproof and breathable 3-layer Dermizax™ material.
* Lightweight, technical jacket with low weight and minimal packing volume made from waterproof, windproof and
breathable 3-layer Dermizaxâ„¢
* Extended back and fixed hood with wire reinforcement for fit adjustment
* Storm flap with Velcro and reflective logo
* Fabric: 3-layer Dermizaxâ„¢: Face side: 100 % Polyester. Back side: 100 % Polyamide (Nylon)
* Men’s sizes: S-XXL
* Women’s sizes: XS-XL
* Men’s colors: Black, Dark Olive, and Dark Summer Sky
* Women’s colors: Nacy, Red, and Light Purple

How does Dermizaxâ„¢ work?
The ultrathin Dermizaxâ„¢ membrane exploits the movable polymer molecules in order to absorb perspiration efficiently in the form of moisture on the inside of the laminate. The moisture is then quickly forced through the laminate so it can evaporate on the outside. The molecules also have the ability to move faster at high temperatures or high levels of activity. This means that breathability improves when you get hot and sweaty. The Dermizax membrane does not have micropores that can be obstructed by dirt, which is why the membrane maintains its unique function even after years of rough use.