Bergans of Norway Powerframe - Backpacker

Bergans of Norway Powerframe

Price $549.00


Frame Type external
Load Type hybrid
Min Expandable Capacity (Cubic Inches) 7900
Max Expandable Capacity (Cubic Inches) 9600

Existing modelThis is Bergans biggest pack and was designed for hunters, guides, the military and backpackers who need to carry lots of gear. The PowerFrame features a detachable external aluminum frame, with Bergans patented shoulder strap adjustment system consisting of two aluminum vertical stays each tipped with elastomeric shock absorbers which reduce strain on the back and knees and gives the frame anatomical flexibility, comfort and stability with heavy loads. Adjusting the back to varying back lengths is done with a simple slide and click buckle system on each shoulder strap. The distance between each shoulder strap can also be easily adjusted to accommodate broad or narrow shoulders.