Bergans of Norway Glittertind 70 L - Backpacker

Bergans of Norway Glittertind 70 L

Glittertind 70 L
Price $259.00


Frame Type internal
Load Type top-loading
Fixed Capacity (cubic inches) 3950
Sizes Available 3

New model for this year (Do not check this option if this model was listed as new in last year's Gear Guide)The Glittertind backpack won Germany’s 2012 OutDoor “OutDoor Industry Award” for its innovative SPINE carrying system. A double helix-shaped spring steel frame attached to the center of the pack's back panel allows the shoulders and hips to move freely while the frame still offers full load support. The double-helix shape also acts as a shock absorber. The result? A pack that securely holds all of your gear, and allows your body to move naturally and freely. Color: Cobalt Blue w/ Neon Green accents.