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Bergans of Norway Gaustatoppen Jacket

Gaustatoppen Jacket
Price $599.00


Weight 1 lb, 4 oz

Lightweight, premium technical jacket made of 3-layer Dermizaxâ„¢ NX, a supple waterproof, windproof and highly breathable membrane, for backcountry snowsports and hiking. Also features stretchable polyester outer fabric for freedom of movement, extended back, fixed hood customized for a helmet, and MP3 player pocket with headphone eyelets.
* Front pockets designed to not interfere with the hip belt when carrying a pack
* Available in men's and women's models
* Men’s sizes: S-XXL
* Women’s sizes: XS-XL
* Men’s colors: Red w/ Grey Petrol/Deep Ocean accents, Navy w/ Summer Sky/Red accents, and Solid Dark Grey w/ Aluminum/Bright Lime accents
* Women’s colors: Summer Sky w/ Navy/Red accents, Blackberry w/ Light Lilac/Bright Lime accents, and Bright Coral w/ Dark Denim/Retro Blue accents

Dermizaxâ„¢ NX
Developed by Toray Industries, a leading supplier of technical and innovative fabrics, Dermizaxâ„¢ NX is designed for people engaged in high tempo outdoor activities. It's a lightweight membrane with high tear resistance, superior wash durability, and a smooth supple feel. The Dermizax NX membrane has a moisture permeability of 30,000-50,000g/m2/24 hours for 2-layers, twice as high as Toray's conventional waterproof/breathable fabrics. It also has an exceptionally high waterproof rating of 20,000mmH20 (JIS L1 092), even with high moisture vapor permeability. In comparison, Dermizax NX performs better than Event and Gore-Tex in terms of moisture vapor transmission. The production process is environmentally conscious as well by reducing C02 emitted during lamination.

How does Dermizaxâ„¢ work?
The ultrathin Dermizaxâ„¢ membrane exploits the movable polymer molecules in order to absorb perspiration efficiently in the form of moisture on the inside of the laminate. The moisture is then quickly forced through the laminate so it can evaporate on the outside. The molecules also have the ability to move faster at high temperatures or high levels of activity. This means that breathability improves when you get hot and sweaty. The Dermizax membrane does not have micropores that can be obstructed by dirt, which is why the membrane maintains its unique function even after years of rough use.