Benchmade 535GRY Bugout

Lightest knife


Weight 2 oz


Our take It might weigh no more than a candy bar, but the Bugout is built to last. A chromium nitride coating adds a durable layer of rustproof protection that’s uncommon on knives in this weight class. It also has a unique spring-bar lock, which is not only safer than a traditional metal liner lock (which wears out quicker) but also helps trim grams. Our tester cut through zip ties, nylon rope, and thick sticks, but this blade never lost its edge thanks to its premium steel and coating. Drawback: price.

Trail cred “Even though the grip was covered in grease from a trailhead car repair, deployment was still easy because the studs near the blade produce a secure thumbhold,” one tester reports. 1.9 oz.