Garcia Backpackers’ Cache

Bears get hiker hunger, too.
Price $70.00


Weight 2 lbs, 12 oz


What you get This everything-proof bear canister withstands hungry grizzlies and years of abuse. The plastic is bomber, and the lid’s locking mechanism (requires a coin or car key) is easy to open and close. There are lighter options, but the integrated lid on this one allows smooth sliding in and out of your pack. The price and durability make it a smart pick for hikers who need a canister for occasional trips—for life.

Trail cred “I’ve used the same three Caches for 25 years,” says Editor-in-Chief Dennis Lewon. “The rounded shape is easy to cram full, and they’re just the right size to double as camp chairs. My only problem is that friends borrow them and don’t give them back.”