Backpacker Skills Videos

Not quite sure how to fit a pack, measure your torso, calculate your V02 max, patch a sleeping pad, or clean a funkified hydration unit? Watch and learn.

Learn to Patch a Sleeping Pad

Editor in Chief Jon Dorn teaches you how to fix a ripped sleeping pad in this skills video. 

Pick the Perfect Pack: Measure Your Torso Length

One of the most critical pieces to finding the ideal backpack is your torso length. Backpacker Gear editor Kristin Hostetter and Associate Photo Editor Genny Wright show you how to measure yours.

Calculate Your V02 Max

Think you can give Lance a run for his money? Associate editor Jason Stevenson show you how to calculate your V02 Max.

Size and Buy the Perfect Backpack 

Gear Editor Kristin Hostetter drops some knowledge on how to find, fit, and buy your perfect backpack

Wash Your Sleeping Bag Correctly

It's not as easy as it sounds. Editor in Chief Jon Dorn shows you how to wash your sleeping back correctly to make it last as long as possible.

Find the Perfect Sleeping Bag

Learn how to find the perfect sleeping bag in this video. Gear Editor Kristin Hostetter breaks down the basics of sizing the right bag.

Clean Your Hydration Unit

Editor in Chief Jon Dorn shows you how to clean and store your hydration unit after a long day on the trail.z