Argon Update: Klymit Inertia X-Frame Sleeping Pad

Klymit creates revolutionary sleeping pad filled with argon gas.

Last year, Klymit made news with futuristic apparel filled with insulating argon gas. (It works: On a cold climb up Longs Peak, our editor-in-chief cooked like a burrito while wearing the $150 Klymit vest.) But a lack of compressibility and the need for refill cartridges limit backcountry appeal.

Enter the Inertia X-Frame sleeping pad, which is designed to cushion only the body parts that touch the ground ($99; launches this fall). Inflate it, via a simple push-pull valve, with lung power and supplemental (optional) argon.

Early tests suggest the 9.1-ounce X-Frame is comfortable and fills in 10 puffs or fewer). And it shrinks to grapefruit size. Watch for an upcoming review.