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What We’re Testing Now: These Chafe- and Wedgie-Proof Shorts Are a Hiker’s Dream

Finally, skin-tight shorts that are actually breathable, don't chafe, and have legit storage options.

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As a general fashion policy (but especially while hiking), I avoid wearing skin-tight garments. They tend to show and trap sweat, squeeze and rub in all the wrong places, and generally look unflattering. Even as they’ve been trending in activewear, biker-style shorts have never caught my attention as a big-thighed gal. But to my surprise, the Crossover Shorts from Nathan’s first collection of running apparel quickly became the exception to my rule this summer.

With a 5-inch inseam and plenty of stretch in the nylon-elastane material, I never had to stop mid-run to adjust the hem or worry about them riding up or pinching at the leg openings. And even when I was dripping with sweat during the historic Pacific Northwest heat wave in June, this pair didn’t chafe or feel damp in the bum while trail running in Portland’s Forest Park and climbing at Smith Rock near Bend. Two deep drop pockets—a rarity in women’s running clothing—on either thigh secured my phone and other essentials. Best of all, the criss-cross shape of the waistband sits high enough on my hips to hold everything that could possibly jiggle in place without feeling like a corset from the 1920s.

These days, you won’t find me running in any other shorts.

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