Altra Lone Peak NeoShell Trail Runner

A waterproof exterior and plenty of cushioning make this ultralight trail runner comfortable for 20-plus-mile winter runs and hikes.
Lone Peak NeoShell Trail Runner

Weather resistance

Most waterproof shoes feature a membrane bootie inside the foam and fabric of the upper. But the Lone Peak’s upper places Polartec’s waterproof/breathable NeoShell (used mostly in jackets) on the outside. The result: Water never gets the chance to penetrate the materials, so the shoes stay lighter, warmer, and dryer. Our feet felt immune during 12-hour days of trekking through bogs and snowfields in Sweden, and after 70 miles, the shoes remain waterproof.


A wide toebox allowed our toes to splay and gave plenty of room for foot swell on 20-mile days in California’s Lassen National Volcanic Park.


The super-thick (25mm) EVA midsoles make long days easier. “They just eat up all the trail noise,” says our Sweden tester. “My longest day was 17 miles and I had zero soreness, despite lots of rock-hopping.”


Multidrectional chevrons and X-shaped lugs bite into loose dirt and mud. Lugs placed directly under the metatarsals held their grip on gravelly uphill trails, and the outsole extends out from the heel about half an inch, which improves braking on steep descents.