ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 3

Get legit winter protection for a trio of campers at a three-season price.
Price $400.00


Ease of Setup 1 / 5
Weatherproofing 1 / 5
Ventilation 1 / 5
Living Space 1 / 5
Free Standing
Capacity 3
Number of Poles 0


Diameter of Poles (mm) 1
Floor Space (sq ft) 0.5
Length (inches) 0.5
Width (inches) 0.5
Interior Height (inches) 54
Vestibule Front Area (sq ft) 0.5
Vestibule Back Area (sq ft) 0.5
Weight 8 lbs, 15 oz

Interior Room
When bad weather turns your tent into a long-term residence, a small shelter gets stifling—fast. Our Alaska test crew had no problem riding out big storms in this tall (54 inches), dome-style tent without feeling cramped. “I’m 6’4” and could sleep all the way stretched out, which is a rarity for me,” says our tester. “I could also kneel in the tent without my head touching the ceiling.”

An asymmetrical shape combined with the tall height means the large side should be susceptible to high winds. However, when they fully guyed it out, our testers found the two-pole structure (plus one pole in each vesti) strong against pounding, down-glacier katabatic winds.

The front offers a cathedral large enough (14 square feet) for storage and cooking, and the high ceiling means you won’t singe the fly. The rear vestibule fits packs.

The 75-denier poly taffeta floor would have benefited from ripstop; a few small holes spread before we patched them.

Weight and bulk make it best for packers who haul sleds.

$400; 8 lbs. 15 oz.;