ALPS Mountaineering Aries 3 - Backpacker

ALPS Mountaineering Aries 3

Bugout lets you congregate for blissfully insect-free meals and card games.
Price $269.99


Shape Other
Free Standing
Capacity 3
Number of Poles 3
Diameter of Poles (mm) 9.5
Floor Space (sq ft) 49


Length (inches) 69
Width (inches) 88
Nonstandard Shape
Interior Height (inches) 50
Vestibule Type standard
Vestibule Front Area (sq ft) 17.5
Vestibule Back Area (sq ft) 17.5
Weight 6 lbs, 3 oz

[group shelter]

Buggy climes can send campers fleeing to their tents, but the Bugout lets you congregate for blissfully insect-free meals and card games within mesh walls that don’t obscure scenic views. “Through clouds of mosquitoes and persistent drizzle, it was a relief to retreat inside so we could look over maps, plan our day, and cook,” declares our tester, who used this 81-square-foot party room for a week in the mosquito-filled Boundary Waters.

Watermelon-sized when packed, the floorless, four-sided shelter pitches with NEMO’s optional accessory poles ($45 and 15 oz. each) or just lashed to trees, using the 15-foot guylines (included). The 75-denier polyester “roof” funnels rain into smartly designed gutters that send runoff to the corners (so it doesn’t sheet down the walls). The superfine, DWR-treated mesh repelled precipitation in all but the windiest conditions. Six people can mingle comfortably inside, the 72-inch peak height lets most campers stand up fully, and two-way zippers at two corners facilitate easy exits. Prefer a hammock to a camp chair? Open the zippers to accommodate hammock straps, and you can swing and doze in bug-free bliss. $250; 4 lbs. 1 oz.;