AceCamp Portable Pad

Rarely does such a light, cheap piece of gear provide such an upgrade to rest breaks and meal times.
Portable Pad
Price $6.00


Weight 2 oz


Comfort From guides to staffers to random hikers, everyone wanted a piece of this four-panel (15.5 by 12 inches), folding foam butt pad. “I put this thing, folded up, on a long rock not more than 2 inches wide and sat there without discomfort for 30 minutes,” says one editor.

Insulation “While winter camping on Colorado’s Mt. Elbert, I used it to insulate my knees when messing with fussy stoves and adding more snow to our pot of meltwater,” says another tester. “It was way warmer than being straight on the snow and easier to maneuver than a full sleeping pad.”

Packability Folded, it’s about the size of this magazine, doubled-over.

Durability It’s a bit squished after a season of use, but it’ll still be making people jealous for years to come.

$6; 1.6 oz.;