2011 Editors' Choice Snow Award: La Sportiva GT/GTS Alpine Touring Ski

A go-anywhere ski that's also superlight.

Everyone wants one ski that does it all—a go-anywhere plank that excels from Chamonix’s steeps to fast groomers to mellow side-country glades. And for touring fanatics, it also has to be superlight. The GT (GTS is the women’s model) delivers. The secret sauce? A soft tip deflects chop, lightweight fiber laminates in the core keep the ski stiff and lively, and a modest sidecut provides maximum edge hold in tight spaces.

Our female testers thought the GTS felt surprisingly sturdy for its weight, even when they skied while wearing a 30-pound pack. Our male testers praised the GT’s responsiveness in all conditions. And skiers of all levels—from backcountry novices to experts—found the ski fun and easy to turn. One tester called it “snappy, trustworthy, and quick in everything from sloppy corn to ice.” If you like long tours in places where the snow conditions are unpredictable, this is your new old reliable. Pair it with La Sportiva’s HiGlide ($200) precut skins, which attach to predrilled holes in the tip and tail.


6 lbs. 8 oz. (according to manufacturer for 184cm); GT: 170cm, 177cm, 184cm (123/89/111); GTS: 157cm, 166cm (121/88/109)